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Diploma Courses after 12th

It is hard to make a career decision after 12th.  We all have been there!


After all, it is a career choice that will determine the remainder of your life for you…

Once your 12th results are declared, it is common to have days and even months of discussions about which career path you should choose. Many times even parents, relatives, and friends are left confused about the proper career advice to offer to you. On the contrary, they may give different advice, confusing you even further.

Sure, there are a lot of career options available today. Unfortunately, students, as well as their parents, are not aware of the Career Opportunities offered by the Travel and Tourism Industry.

Most of the 12th passed students are naïve and get puzzled by the overwhelming options to choose from. They google about the fields like MPSC UPSC and other competitive Exams, Computer IT Courses, Management, Finance, and so forth. Sadly, there is no awareness of Travel and Tourism as a Career Choice!

Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and Tourism is a multi-sector industry and a combination of the following core industries:

  • Travel Sector
  • Tourism Sector
  • Airline Sector
  • Hotel Sector
  • Cruise Sector
  • Event Management Sector

The tourism and hospitality industry is a growth industry. Along with the related sectors, it is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years. A job in this industry is exciting, glamorous, and adventurous if you choose so. These jobs pay well and the business startups earn well. You get the opportunity to travel across and see the World!

The ever-growing Travel Tourism, Airline, and Hospitality industries are always short of skilled and professional people; hence many job opportunities are available around the globe. But due to a lack of awareness, a career in this industry is unexplored.

Every student needs to complete his or her graduation and it is a must. While pursuing your graduation, you can simultaneously join Travel and Tourism Career Courses and learn different aspects and job profiles of the Industry.

After completing your course you can join a part-time or full-time job. So by the time you complete your graduation, you will have the Knowledge and Skills required in this Industry, a Course Certificate, and Work Experience! You will then be able to build your own successful career path for a bright future.

Travel and Tourism is a service industry. It is glamorous and very sophisticated. This blend makes the people working in this field develop their personality and know the importance of grooming, etiquette, and communication skills. You will be part of an industry with a unique past, a happening present, and a bright future.

Your General Knowledge and Technical Knowledge will increase manifold. You will be able to discover your own talent and explore many opportunities to suit your interest. A career in this industry also makes you street smart!!

After 12th Course - What will you learn in the Travel and Tourism Course?

In a good course of Travel and Tourism, a student gets to learn

1. Grooming and Etiquettes
2. Oral and Written Communication Skills
3. Corporate Culture
4. Travel Geography of India and the World
5. Domestic and International travel
6. Different codes and terminology used
7. Tourist Destinations in India and worldwide
8. Travel agency management
9. Tour Packaging and Tour Costing
10. Air, Rail, Hotel, Cruise Booking
11. Airline and Airport Operations
12. Hotel and Cruise Industry knowledge
13. Documentation – Passport, visa, health, insurance
14. Marketing and Sales …… and so on!

Many of the subjects will be new to you. Some of the topics you surely have learned in school and you will recall during the course training.

You need to understand that this is a “service industry”.  Every customer wants a “Top Class” service provided by a knowledgeable person. If you do your job effectively and passionately, it will open doors to big and better opportunities … always…

Travel and Tourism Courses after 12th

There are many 12th after best courses you can do to start your career in this Industry. You can choose the course which suits best to your interests and by knowing the scope. Each Course is designed by industry experts and is filled with practical knowledge. You can pursue these courses after 12th with commerce, after 12th arts or after 12th science. Travel Tourism Courses give you technical know how of the industry and develops your personality. Being a service industry a pleasing personality is a must in this sector. Following is the list of after 12 job oriented courses.

After 12th Best Courses

India Tourism Course

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to sell Indian Tourist Destinations and Package Tours to both Indian Travellers and Foreign Travellers. This is better known as Domestic Tourism and Inbound Tourism. India is a popular choice for tourists who love to explore its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. 

You will be able to design package tours of famous and offbeat destinations in India from Ladakh to Tamil Nadu and Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh. You will be able to market and sell Group Tours, Family Tours, Honeymoon Tours, Adventure Tours, etc.

You will get the opportunity to travel to various parts of India and explore our beautiful and amazing country first hand.

This course makes you an expert in Air Booking, Rail Booking, and Hotel Booking.

World Tourism & Hospitality Course

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

~ Saint Augustine

Traveling to beautiful places around the World is a dream of many and you can help them plan hassle-free holidays.

In the process, you too will be able to travel to different places around the world and fulfill your own dream!

In World Tourism Course you will learn about Indian Tourism to start with. And then your focus will be to learn the Travel formalities and Passport Visa documentation to travel to different countries. You will be able to design package tours to various countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, UK, France, Switzerland in Europe, USA, Canada, and so on…

International Course in Tourism, Hospitality & Airlines

This course will prepare you for a Career in Leisure Tourism of India and the World and also make you a specialist in Air Ticketing on Galileo Amadeus GDS. You will be able to plan package tours of India and the World destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. You will learn and explore various career opportunities in Airline and Airport Operations. After completing the course you can work with Tour Operators, Travel agencies, Air Ticketing, at the Airport as a Ground Staff, or with an Airline’s front office or back office.

Advanced Course in International Tourism, Hospitality & Airlines

As the name suggests, in this course you will be able to gain knowledge and skills of the advanced modules in Travel Tourism and Airlines. In addition to exploring the opportunities in India and World Tourism, you will be able to explore all the career options in Airlines including Airports, Air Cargo, Cabin Crew, etc. You will also learn Event Management and the opportunities offered by MICE and Business Tourism. This course will introduce all the additional essential skills such as photography, digital marketing, first aid CPR, foreign language, etc required for a successful career.

Many of you have a dream to travel the whole world. And many of you must be trying to cover the destinations in your bucket list one by one, as time and money permit you. What if you have all the time to visit destinations and also paid for it? What if your job is a vacation? What should stop you then to travel around the world? Yes, Tour Manager is a job on Vacation! 

You help other tourists explore new places, new countries, and new cultures and earn a living doing so. No doubt, being a Tour Manager needs many skills and qualities. If you are enthusiastic and love to interact with people and help them, you will find this job interesting. If you are a cool-headed person and a confident traveler who knows how to handle “situations” then this job is for you. Discover the world while helping others to do so. Tour Manager Job can be done as a full-time career or as a freelancer if you choose so.

Specialized Tourism – Niche Tourism

Many more opportunities are opening in the specialized tourism sectors and niches like Eco-Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Travel Blogging, Medical Tourism, etc.

You can pursue courses in your own niche and follow your heart. 

Co-curricular Activities

Apart from the practical classroom training, there will be Industry Visits organized to five-star hotels, airports, and other venues. You will be able to participate in various trade fairs like OTM, TTF, IITM, SATTE, and meet the industry leaders. You will practically organize treks, camps, one-day excursion tours, domestic tours in India, and even International Tours. You will do Tour Guiding and Tour Managing for these tours.

What will be the nature of the Job?

Working in any sector of the service-oriented travel and tourism industry will give you a different perspective towards life and lead to career growth and stability. It will make you a better version of yourself with a good personality, understanding nature, patience, strength to face challenges, and reach your goals!

Success in the service industry lies in how you handle people. You interact with various people, new and repeat, talkative and silent, humble and arrogant, etc. Making travel arrangements will be your core job. You will help your clients in making sure their travel documents are all correct and ready before they travel. You will handle all the bookings related to air, road, water, hotel, etc. You will learn to service and fulfill the client’s travel needs to the utmost minute details. You will be organizing trips and package tours. And at times when something goes wrong, you will be able to test your problem-solving skills.

Travel and Tourism Courses after 12th Salary

There are various job profiles and salary packages offered in the Industry. Both B2B and B2C companies offer good salaries and incentives to a fresher ranging from 15K to 40K. Regular performance appraisals, incentives and salary hikes boost your confidence each year. The added benefit will be the FREE of cost travel perks given to you!

Travel and Tourism Courses fees

The fees for the Travel and Tourism Courses are different for different Courses. The fee for the basic course of India Tourism will amount to approximately 35K and the International course fee will be around 70K. Fees for the selected course can also be paid in easy installments. Students in need of financial assistance for paying the fee may avail the interest free education loan option.

Travel and Tourism Jobs - Career Options

> Tour Guide
>  Tour Manager
> Tour Consultant
> Tour Planning
> Tour Operations
> Travel Agency
> Tour Logistics
> Tour Wholesalers, DMC’s
> Events and MICE
> Back Office
> Visa Officer
> Corporate Travel Executive
> Event Management
> MICE Executive
> Hotel Industry

> Cruise Industry
> Airline Executive
> Air Ticketing
> Airline Fare Desk
> Airport Ground Staff
> Cabin Crew
> Airline Back Office
> Airline Customer Service
> Air Cargo
> Airline GDS desk
> Sales and Marketing
> Start your own business
> Specialized tour operator in adventure, wildlife, biking, Inbound, pilgrimage, and many more…

What you should do next?

Start now!

Join a practical course and learn from the industry experts. Starting young and early in this industry has many advantages. You will work and gain maximum experience and get exposure to the best of the job opportunities in MNC companies in India and abroad with attractive salaries and perks.

In the later stage of your life, when you reach the age of 25+, equipped with good work experience you can become a successful entrepreneur.

Wish you all the best and hope this article helps you.


Happy Learning!!

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