Tour Manager Course

About the Course

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  – Lao Tzu

Many of you have a dream to travel the whole world. And many of you must be trying to cover the destinations in your bucket list one by one, as time and money permit you. What if you have all the time to visit destinations and also paid for it? What if your job is a vacation? What should stop you then to travel around the world?

Yes, Tour Manager is a job on Vacation! You help other tourists explore new places, new countries, and new cultures and earn a living doing so.

No doubt, being a Tour Manager needs many skills and qualities. If you are enthusiastic and love to interact with people and help them, you will find this job interesting. If you are a cool-headed person and a confident traveler who knows how to handle “situations” then this job is for you. Discover the world while helping others to do so. Tour Manager Job can be done as a full-time career or as a freelancer if you choose so. You can even get specialized in some regions of the world or choose your niche like wildlife, adventure, medical, and so on.

Our Tour Manager course prepares you well for the interviews conducted by the various tour operators in the Industry. Let’s know more about this exciting course!

Eligibility: 10+2
Duration: 8 Months
Enrolment Validity: 10 Months

What You Will Learn

> Understand Tour Manager Job Profile and responsibilities
> Gain in-depth knowledge of major Tourist Destinations and Itineraries in India and the World
> Provide good customer service and build Customer Loyalty during on-field Tours
> Tour Managing and Situation Handling Skills

> Module 01   Tourism Concepts & Transport
> Module 02   India Geography, Culture & Tourism Products
> Module 03   India Destinations & Package Tours
> Module 04   World Geography, Culture & Tourism Products
> Module 05   World Destinations & Package Tours
> Module 06   Hotels, Cruises, and Railways
> Module 07   International Travel Formalities
> Module 08   Event Management & MICE
> Module 09   Tour Managing Techniques
> Module 10   Health Safety & Emergency Handling
> Module 11   Travel Media & Public Relations

Personality Development, Soft Skills

> Grooming
> Corporate Etiquettes
> Communication Skills
> Customer Care
> Resume Making
> Mock Interviews


Core Skills & Activities

> Tour Commentary
> Situation Handling
> Presentations and Reports
> Role Plays and Group Discussions
> Practice Quizzes and Coursework


Co-Curricular Field Activities

> Treks around Pune
> Tour Guiding on Field
> One Day Trips, Excursions around Pune
> International Study Tours outside India
> Domestic Study Tours in India
> Tour Managing on Field
> Events, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs
> Industry Visits to Airport, Hotels, ICD, etc


Exam Information

> Internal Assessment: 100 Points
> External Assessment: 100 Points
> Online MCQ Examination: 100 Points
> Co-Curricular Field Activities: 100 Points

Grades based on CGPA

O (Outstanding): 10; A+ (Excellent): 9 and above; A (Very Good): 8 and above; B+ (Good): 7and above; B (Above Average): 6 and above; C (Average): 5 and above; D (Pass): 4 and above; F (Fail): 0 Ab (Absent): 0

Note: The External Assessment will be done by Industry Experts


Certificate Awarded

By successfully completing the course and examination you will receive a Certificate of Completion in “Tour Manager Course”


Extra Toppings upon Successful Course Completion

> Foreign Language Workshop
> Photography Workshop
> Digital Marketing Workshop
> First Aid, CPR Training Workshop
> International Tourism Board Certificates (Upon Passing each Examination)
> Specialization Certificates – India Tourism, World Tourism & Airline Management (Upon Project submission)


You have many career opportunities in Tour Managing. To list a few:

> Tour Guide
> Tour Manager
> Tour Consultant
> Tour Planning
> Tour Operations
> Tour Wholesalers, DMC’s
> Events and MICE Tour Manager
> Specialized Tour Manager in adventure, wildlife, Inbound, pilgrimage, and many more…