Following rules are mandatory to maintain the high quality of standard and discipline in the institute for the students. 

1. Admission:  

  • Admission will be strictly as per the norms laid down by the Institute Management.
  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to fill out the prescribed admission form correctly and submit the required documents on the stipulated date.
  • The documents to be submitted are attested copies of SSC, HSC marksheet/certificate, Graduation Certification, Aadhar Card/Photo ID, Address Proof, and two recent passport size photos in formals.
  • Admitted candidates will have to join the Institute on the batch start date and time.
  • Admission is subject to the candidate fulfilling all the prescribed eligibility criteria as decided by the management and payment of requisite fees. 
  • The Management reserves the right to reject the admission without giving any reason.

2. Fee: 

  • Institute management, reserves the right to modify the fees from time to time.
  • Fees once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances.
  • Once admission is confirmed and the course has commenced, you are liable to pay the entire course fee in one stroke or installments as per the schedule given to you. In case of delay, late fees as applicable shall be charged.
  • Tax and other statutory taxes as and where applicable will be payable separately.
  • If an installment facility is opted, Post-dated cheques are compulsory for all installments. Cash payment against PDC submitted can be deposited one week prior to the scheduled date of the cheque.
  • Installment should be paid on time and without delay. Should you default to any installment payment, LATE FEE charges/penalty will apply of Rs.50/- per day for each delayed day.
  • Fees once paid are not transferable/adjustable or refundable under any circumstances.
  • The fee paid for a particular course is not transferable to any other person or course, nor will it roll on for the next academic year.
  • Nonpayment of fees/dues shall result in the discontinuation of your classes/course.
  • The decision of the respective Directors will be final in this regard.

3. Attendance: 

  • Students are expected to attend all the classes regularly.
  • Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each class hour. The attendance software takes only one remark for attendance. Hence, the first sessions/class attendance or absence will be marked as final for the whole day.
  • Students should not miss the first session/class and be on time for the class and attendance marking.
  • Students have to attend all the classes, programs, seminars, and events conducted by the Institute.
  • 75% class attendance is mandatory. 25% is exempted to meet exigencies/emergencies. If 75% attendance is not achieved Students will not be permitted to appear for the examination under any circumstances.
  • Attendance is one of the factors for the Internal Marks.
  • Students should reach the institute on time, attend all classes, and should not go out until all classes are over. 
  • Attending all the seminars, group discussions, workshops, presentations, guest-lectures, visits, study tours, orientation programs, soft skills programs, foreign languages, role-plays, additional input classes, etc. are compulsory.
  • Students have to report to their respective classrooms for lectures at least 10 minutes before the session starts and avoid disturbing the faculty and students who are already in the class. 
  • Students should apply in advance for the leave, in writing, countersigned by parent or guardian, and hand over to the administration staff.
  • Students who have poor academic performance or inadequate attendance will be reviewed at staff meetings every week.
  • In case of a long absence due to sickness, the production of a medical certificate is a must.
  • Students should not directly or indirectly be a part of mass absenteeism.

4. On Campus:

  • English will be the primary language for communication on campus and the medium of instruction and teaching.
  • Students should have the good habit of wishing inmates, faculty, and elders. When they meet any of the staff members, classmates, or the members of the management, they must greet them.
  • When a staff member enters the classroom, all the students shall stand up and remain standing till they are asked to sit down. Likewise, they should stand up while the staff member leaves the class.
  • Students will abide by the rules and directions of the Institute for the Dress Code and Uniforms. Uniforms/Dress Code is compulsory during all classes, seminars, guest lecturers, visits, study tours, etc.
  • Students will wear their Identity Cards (easily noticeable) at all times, on campus, during industry visits, study tours, etc.
  • Not wearing the uniform and identity card will be considered as an act of indiscipline.
  • Students must maintain strict discipline at the Institute premises, as per the directions of the management, Head of the Institution, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff. 
  • It is mandatory to keep silence, maintain hygiene and cleanliness on campus.
  • Students shall handle Institutes all properties with care and endeavor to preserve cleanliness and tidiness of the Institute campus, including buildings and furniture.
  • Students are advised not to write or make any marks on the wall, desk or throw paper, plastic cover, or ink in the classroom premises. Students must take pride in keeping the campus clean.
  • In case of damage to property or equipment of the Institute, you will be liable for a fine (full cost recovery) as per the norms of the Institute.
  • Prejudice or discrimination, ragging, eve-teasing, racism, casteism, harassment, smoking, drugs, consumption of tobacco, and consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited in the campus and vicinity of the campus. Stringent actions will be taken against those who indulge in such activities.
  • Students should not indulge in thefts, mal-practices in exams and tests, sexual misconduct inside or outside the Institute. Stringent actions will be taken against those who indulge in such activities.
  • Students should not participate in any political or communal politics inside the campus.
  • If a student loses anything or finds something that does not belong to the finder, it should be informed and handover to the Institute office.
  • Students should not display any notices inside the Institute campus without the permission of the management.
  • In case of violation of norms, subordinations are shown to the authorities, or any other offenses, the student will be liable for punishment as per the norms of the Institute management.
  • Students will not carry any valuables like jewelry/high-end mobiles, electronics, laptops, etc. on the institute campus and on visits, tours, etc. In case you carry such items, it shall be entirely at your own risk and responsibility. Institute will not be responsible in any kind for the loss, theft, or damage to your belongings.
  • Students will lock and park their vehicles properly at the designated parking place at their own risk.
  • Students will not indulge in any kind of wrong social sites & will follow all the rules & regulations of the Information Technology policies when on campus and visits, tours, etc. Strict action will be taken against the Students if found so.
  • Students will bear moral, ethical & proper conduct during their tenure at the institute.
  • Students will avoid wastage of water & electricity. 
  • While leaving the classroom, it is the duty of the students to close the windows, switch off the fans and lights, etc. arrange the chairs properly and then leave the classroom. 
  • Students should not take any sort of eatables in the classroom and should not throw papers, wrappers of snacks consumed, empty bottles below the desks or around the campus premises/classroom.
  • Students should abide by the Clean India Green India Mission.        
  • The Management has full power to give punishment, penalty, suspension, or dismissal of a student depending on the gravity of the misconduct.
  • It is your responsibility to read notices on the notice boards, emails, WhatsApp group for the latest activities/instructions by the Institution/ College. 
  • No guests/visitors shall be allowed with the students in the class.
  • No student is allowed to loiter inside the campus during, before, or after the class hours.
  • Safety Norms are to be adopted in day-to-day working. The Institute is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • The Management has the right to expel/temporarily ask to leave any student at any time during the course of study for reasons of indiscipline, lack of progress in studies or illness considered contagious.
  • The misconducts such as irregular attendance, non-co-operation with teachers, indiscipline, use of unpleasant words will be taken serious note of.

5. Academics: 

  • Students should maintain good academic progress and good conduct.
  • Students are not allowed to undertake any type of jobs (full-time/part-time) – at the cost of their attendance, academics and health.
  • Students will maintain their own records and personal file about admission, fee receipt, prospectus, industry visit reports, guest lecture notes, etc.
  • The nature of learning in any program may require the students to purchase tools, stationery items from time to time. The concerned department/faculty will give specific instructions in this regard.
  • Students should equip themselves with approved stationery, notebooks, and textbooks provided.
  • Students will have to take permission in writing from the Director of the Institution for leave. If they leave without permission, they will be liable for a penalty of Rs.50/-. Regular absenteeism without informing may lead to cancellation of admission.
  • Students are required to submit assignments, presentations, role-plays, group discussions, appear for Internal Exams, Field Work, projects, etc. as per the stipulated time and norms of the course and the Institute, subject to satisfactory attendance requirements.
  • All students must complete their homework/assignments given by the faculty and submit the same before the deadline date. 
  • Institute conducts various co-curricular, cultural, and extracurricular activities around the year and Student participation in the same is mandatory for your overall holistic development.

6. Other Rules & Regulations:

  • All changes of residential address and phone numbers should be reported to the office immediately in writing and must be self-attested by both the parents.
  • If students don’t attend the classes as per minimum attendance, they will not be entitled to appear for exams and receive any type/kind of Certification from the institute.
  • The Institute arranges events, Industrial visits, training, exhibitions, workshops, field works, seminars, conferences, excursions, study tours for holistic development. Students are expected to make full use of these activities and observe rules and regulations, discipline, and safety requirements. Students will be nominated/admitted for these events based on attendance, behavior, compliance for various assignments and various academic activities, etc.
  • Students will attend all such activities at their own risk at location/s.
  • Students will bear their own expenses towards traveling, entrance fees, accommodation, food, etc for outdoors, industry visits, events, and study tours.
  • Students who need a Bonafide will have to apply for the same mentioning the reason.
  • Students should carry their own Laptop/Camera with the required configuration/software for their practicals/fieldwork preparing portfolios and carrying out their live protects etc under the guidance of their respective faculty or mentor.

7. Examination

A candidate will be permitted to appear for the Examinations, only if he/she:

  • Only if he/she has filled in the Examination Form correctly.
  • Only if he/she has paid all fees/dues in full and procured the NOC from the accounts department.
  • Puts in the required attendance of 75% and more.
  • Maintains satisfactory academic progress and completed internal assessment.
  • Maintains good conduct/character throughout the tenure.

Internal & External Assessment

  • Students are aware that they are pursuing a Professional Training Course with the Institute which has to focus on Knowledge and Skill development. Internal and External Assessment is a part and parcel of the institute’s training curriculum.
  • Internal assessment will be calculated based on the marks scored in the Tests, Practical Assignments, Group Discussions, Presentations, Orals, Role Plays, Class works, study tours, guest lectures, attendance, etc
  • Industry Experts from the respective fields will be invited for conducting Viva Voce as External Assessment.
  • Internal and External Assessments will not be repeated for any student under any circumstances.
  • Students will be given TWO FREE Online Examination attempts.
  • Re-examination charges of Rs.500/- will apply for each and any further attempts within the validity of the Course Enrollment.

Examination Pattern

  • Internal Assessment (Presentations, GD Role Plays, Assignments, Tests, Attendance (20 marks each) – 100 Marks
  • External Assessment (Viva Voce/Orals by Industry Experts) – 100 Marks
  • Online Examination (100 MCQ) – 100 Marks
  • Co-Curricular (Study Tours, Events, Field Trips) – 100 Marks

Grading Points

Assessment marks are converted into Grade Points with the following Grades.

O (Outstanding): 10                                            A+ (Excellent): 9 and above  

A (Very Good): 8 and above                              B+ (Good): 7and above      

B (Above Average): 6 and above                      C (Average): 5 and above    

D (Below Average): 4 and above                      F (Fail): 0 Ab (Absent): 0

8. Parents/Guardian Rules and Responsibilities

  • Please make sure your ward has a valid Driving License and wears a helmet when driving.
  • Kindly make sure your ward attends classes regularly and comes on time to the institute.
  • Keep a check on your ward’s attendance, leave/absentee record, and academic progress.
  • Make sure your ward studies at home and prepares for class presentations, submissions, etc.
  • Notify the institute about a change of address and telephone numbers.
  • Kindly attend Institute functions when invited and give the required encouragement to the ward by appreciating their efforts.
  • Kindly meet the faculties in the institute by taking appointments, at least twice in the course duration to check upon your wards progress.
  • Kindly follow the rules and procedures regarding the payment of the Institute fees and other dues.                                 
  • If the student fails to conform to the behavioural standards or discipline set by the Institute, the management’s absolute discretion and decision in the matter of discipline, demotion, expulsion, rustication of the student is final.
  • The institute arranges learning activities, events, field trips, industry visits, excursions, and study tours to impart practical and technical knowledge. Participating in such activities is essential for the holistic development of your ward.
  • I agree to my ward’s photograph appearing in any of the Institute brochures, website, internet, advertisements or publications.

9. Course Validity

  • Students have to complete the course within the enrollment validity.
  • In case the student does not complete the course in given enrollment validity, the course automatically EXPIRES and your result will be FAIL.
  • Students will not be allowed any submissions, examinations, or certification upon the course expiry.
  • Students should refer to the enrollment/admission form and the notice board for the course validity and expiry date and keep a note of the same.
  • For example, you start your course on 15th June and the course enrollment validity is six months, your course expires on 15th December that year.
  • In case of the COURSE EXPIRY and/or Final Examination result is FAIL, you can RENEW the course, ONE TIME ONLY, on payment of 25% of the total applicable current fee of the course at the time of renewal.

10. Reproduction and publication of student images, videos, and artwork

  • The student grants to Ties Institute for Career Training to record images and/or voice and use the artwork and/or written work on videotape, on film, on photographs, in digital media, and in any other form of the electronic or print medium. 
  • The student grant, right to use, and to allow to use, their image and/or voice on the internet, in brochures, and in any other medium and hereby consent to such use. 
  • The student and their parents/guardians have No Objection to the usage of their photographs, video, voice by Ties Institute for Career Training.

The Institute reserves the right to amend, modify and change the rules and regulations for smooth functioning. 

Students will abide by the rules and regulations/guidelines during their course until the time of completion period laid by the Management. 

Full rights are reserved with the Director / Management to take action against the students in case of violation of the above rules and guidelines.

In case of disputes, the decision of the Director of the Institute shall be treated as final and binding.

Students, Parents, Guardians have received, read, and understood all the above rules and regulations and will abide by them. No reason, justification, or excuse will be entertained later on.