International Travel Business Expert (PG Course)

About the Course

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

– Malcolm X

Travel Tourism and Airlines are fast-paced growth industries of the 21st century a passport to begin a rewarding career. Due to its global presence and high revenue generation, it plays a vital role in world employment with a huge demand for job-ready professionals. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the tourism industry accounts for 10% of global employment.

We all love to take the opportunity to travel and explore new places, meet new people, form new relationships, discover new languages. From Eiffel Tower Paris to Pyramids of Egypt, from Taj Mahal India to Petra Jordon, from Machu Picchu Peru to Borobudur Indonesia our world is blessed with many jaw-dropping sights.

The Leisure Tourism and Business Travel and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) have shown a tremendous increase with many career opportunities. Worldwide new trends, emerging markets, upcoming luxurious brands and hotel chains, resorts, and retreats have redefined the hospitality industry. New airlines and the increasing demands for flights need to be trained staff in various functions from air ticketing on systems to ground staff on the airport.

In the field of tourism, airlines and hotels continually need certified professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to be in constant demand. Along with the increasing demand the salary packages are also at an all-time high with opportunities to travel around the world.

The Post Graduate Course in Travel and Tourism is aimed at developing your Managerial, Operational, and Negotiation Skills. It equips you with the knowledge of Leadership Qualities, Business Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

Eligibility: Graduate from any stream
Duration: 10 Months
Enrollment Validity: 12 Months

What You Will Learn

> Understand Tourism Industry’s components and players
> Gain in-depth knowledge of major Tourist Destinations and Itineraries of India and the World
> Advise and provide consultation to guests looking forward to the tour in India and abroad
> Design Tour Packages with Costing for Group Tours and Independent Tours
> Promote and successfully sell Rail and Air Travel, Car Rental, Hotels, Cruises, Package Tours, etc.
> Plan Specialized Tour Products for Adventure, Culture, Pilgrimage, Honeymoon, Sports, etc
> Aviation Industry and Airline Operations and Services
> Airport Operations and Air Cargo Operations and sales
> Airline booking software GDS
> IATA Geography and Fares and Ticketing
> Advise on Travel documents like Passport, Visa, Travel Insurance, Airport formalities
> Provide good Customer Service and Build Customer Loyalty
> Business Travel Management and Corporate Travel
> Gain the skills in Event Management and MICE
> Management Principles and E-Commerce
> Managerial and Negotiation Skills
> Travel Media

India Tourism modules

Module 01 Tourism Concepts & Transport
Module 02 India Geography, Culture & Tourism Products
Module 03 India Destinations & Package Tours (FIT, GIT)
Module 04 Travel Agency & Tour Operator


World Tourism Modules

Module 05 World Geography, Culture & Tourism Products
Module 06 World Destinations & Package Tours (FIT, GIT)
Module 07 Hotels, Cruises and Railways
Module 08 International Travel Formalities


International Air Travel Modules

Module 09 Airline Operations & Services
Module 10 IATA Travel Geography
Module 11 Fares & Ticketing
Module 12 GDS 1 Amadeus/Galileo


Aviation & Corporate Travel Modules

Module 13 Aviation, Airport & Air Cargo
Module 14 Cabin Crew & Ground Staff
Module 15 Corporate Travel & GDS 2 Amadeus
Module 16 Event Management & MICE


Post Graduate Modules

Module 17 Management Principles
Module 18 Marketing & Sales Promotion
Module 19 Managerial & Negotiation Skills
Module 20 E-Commerce


Personality Development, Soft Skills

> Grooming
> Corporate Etiquettes
> Communication Skills
> Customer Care
> Sales Techniques
> Resume Making
> Mock Interviews


Core Skills & Activities

> Itinerary Planning and Presentation
> Domestic Tour Packages & Costing
> World Tour Packages & Costing
> Travel Agency Invoicing, MIS
> Passport and Visa Applications
> Online Ticketing, OTA’s, Airline and Hotels Portals
> Two major GDS Ticketing, Hotels, Cars (Amadeus & Galileo)
> Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Emails
> Google Workspace Gsuite
> Presentations and Reports
> Role Plays and Group Discussions
> Practice Quizzes and Coursework


Co-Curricular Field Activities

> Treks around Pune
> Tour Guiding on Field
> One Day Trips, Excursions around Pune
> International Study Tours outside India
> Domestic Study Tours in India
> Tour Managing on Field
> Events, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs
> Industry Visits to Airport, Hotels, ICD, etc


Exam Information

> Internal Assessment: 100 Points
> External Assessment: 100 Points
> Online MCQ Examination: 100 Points
> Co-Curricular Field Activities: 100 Points

Grades based on CGPA

O (Outstanding): 10; A+ (Excellent): 9 and above; A (Very Good): 8 and above; B+ (Good): 7and above; B (Above Average): 6 and above; C (Average): 5 and above; D (Pass): 4 and above; F (Fail): 0 Ab (Absent): 0

Note: The External Assessment will be done by Industry Experts


Certificate Awarded

By successfully completing the course and examination you will receive an industry-recognized Post Graduate Certificate in “International Travel Business Expert’ Course


Extra Toppings upon Successful Course Completion

> Foreign Language Workshop
> Photography Workshop
> Digital Marketing Workshop
> First Aid, CPR Training Workshop
> International Tourism Board Certificates (Upon Passing each Examination)
> Specialization Certificates – India Tourism, World Tourism & Airline Management (Upon Project submission)


> Tour Guide
> Tour Manager
> Tour Consultant
> Tour Planning
> Tour Operations
> Travel Agency
> Tour Logistics
> Tour Wholesalers, DMC’s
> Events and MICE
> Back Office
> Visa Officer
> Corporate Travel Executive
> Event Management
> MICE Executive
> Hotel Industry

> Cruise Industry
> Airline Executive
> Air Ticketing
> Airline Fare Desk
> Airport Ground Staff
> Cabin Crew
> Airline Back Office
> Airline Customer Service
> Air Cargo
> Airline GDS desk
> Sales and Marketing
> Start your own business
> Specialized tour operator in adventure, wildlife, biking, Inbound, pilgrimage, and many more…