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Tourism Management Career Options After 12th Grade

There are many career options in tourism and travel management. Below are some of the options. This field requires a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. There are also other options, such as networking and word-of mouth recommendations. This is the best route for most graduates. Many people think of tourism management as a career after high school. However, there are many other options available after graduation.

Various Career Paths for Travel & Tourism Management Professionals

There are many career choices available, whether you are looking to work as a tour guide or in a hotel. The fastest-growing industries worldwide are tourism and travel. With thousands of jobs being automated in India, the job market is also expanding rapidly. You can choose to go into hospitality management or travel and tourist management after you have completed your 12th grade. You can choose to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

India’s tourism and travel industry have seen unprecedented growth. It is the country’s largest industry and contributes a significant amount to foreign exchange earnings. It is predicted that it will create over 45 million jobs in India by 2025. There are many career options for both graduates and post-graduates due to this rapid growth. These opportunities include work in hotels, travel agencies, immigration and customs services, as well as tour operations.


Various Certifications needed for a Tour Manager

To be a successful tour manager, you must have excellent social skills. You will need to be able to communicate with curious tourists. You must be approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable about the local area. You need to know the history, culture, and attractions of your area. You can communicate better with clients and make your trip memorable by knowing more.

It is important to have excellent time management skills and organizational skills. You will need to be able to handle high levels of stress and maintain your cool under pressure. A high level of energy and the ability to deal with a variety of situations and people is a must. You should also be friendly and outgoing as you will be working with people from different backgrounds.



Networking as a tour manager is a great career option if you have always wanted to work in the travel industry. Tour managers are responsible for communicating with vendors, such as restaurants, hotels, bus companies, and stores. After 12th, networking as a tour manager career choice involves creating a network of contacts with other professionals and building mutually beneficial relationships. You can also meet mentors and advisors through your networking activities.

You must have great social skills to be a tour manager. Effective communication skills are essential for tour managers. You should also have a good knowledge of the relevant topics. It is important to have a background in geography, culture, or attractions. This will allow you to enhance the experience for your clients. You should also be a great time manager. This career requires that you can work under pressure and are a good manager of time.

Word-of-mouth Recommendations

Tour managers are professionals who coordinate various aspects of a trip, such as hotels, bus companies, and restaurants. You can find tour managers in any sector, including government, private or multinational, as well as tourism departments, hotels, airlines, and travel agencies. You can also open your own business and make between twenty-five to twenty-five thousand rupees a day. This field is offered by many colleges in India. Make sure you understand the requirements and curriculum before enrolling in a course.

Many tour managers gain their clients through word-of-mouth recommendations. A friend’s recommendation can lead to a new job or even a career. Sometimes tour managers work with friends and are paid a small amount to help them. For your first gig as a tour manager, word-of-mouth referrals can be a great way to get it.

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