International Hospitality Course

About the Course

“Hospitality is not just about hotels and restaurants, it’s about creating an environment where every person feels valued and respected, regardless of their background or where they come from.” 

– Anonymous

International hospitality business refers to the operations and management of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality-related businesses in a global context. This includes understanding the cultural differences and preferences of guests from different countries and tailoring services and experiences to meet their needs.

The hospitality industry is global, and there are many career opportunities available worldwide.  International hospitality course can open up doors to work in different countries, which can be a valuable and rewarding experience. This course helps you develop essential business skills, such as marketing, finance, and management which can be applied to everyday’s work.

Whether you’re looking to start a career in the hospitality industry or advance your current career, advanced hospitality knowledge can help you achieve your goals.

> Eligibility: 10+2
> Duration: 6 Months
> Enrolment Validity: 8 Months

What you will Learn

  • Overview of the hospitality industry, its history, scope, and key players.
  • Basics of customer service and the importance of delivering quality service to guests.
  • Geography of different regions around the world, culture, cuisine popular destinations.
  • Overview of the Cruise Industry, Airline Industry, Tourism Industry, services and operations.
  • Day-to-day operations of hotels, and cruises including front desk operations, housekeeping, and food and beverage service.
  • F&B establishments, restaurants, bars, and catering companies, service standards and the importance of food safety.
  • Entertainment and gaming establishments, casinos, theme parks, and nightclubs.
  • Conventions and events, including trade shows, conferences, and weddings. Event planning and management.
  • Different Career Options available in the Hotel, Cruise, Restaurant, Event and Airline industry.

Course Content

International Hospitality Industry Course

Module 01: Hospitality and Service Industry
Module 02: World Geography & Travel Formalities
Module 03: Airline Industry
Module 04: Airline Operations and Careers
Module 05: Tourism Industry
Module 06: Tourism Operations and Careers
Module 07: Lodging Industry
Module 08: Hotel Operations and Careers
Module 09: Food & Beverage Industry
Module 10: Restaurant Operations and Careers
Module 11: Cruise Industry
Module 12: Cruise Operations and Careers
Module 13: The Entertainment & Gaming Industry
Module 14: Conventions and Event Planning
Module 15: Health, Safety, Security, and Legislations

Personality Development, Soft Skills

  • Grooming & Corporate Etiquettes
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Resume Making and Mock Interviews
  • Customer Care & Sales Techniques

Co-Curricular Field Activities

  • Treks around Pune
  • One Day Trips, Excursions around Pune
  • International Study Tours outside India
  • Domestic Study Tours in India
  • Events, Exhibitions
  • Industry Visits to Airport, Hotels, Trade Fairs, etc

Exam Information

> Internal Assessment: 100 Points
> External Assessment: 100 Points
> Online MCQ Examination: 100 Points
> Co-Curricular Activities: 100 Points

Grades based on CGPA​

  • O (Outstanding): 10; 
  • A+ (Excellent): 9 and above; 
  • A (Very Good): 8 and above;
  • B+ (Good): 7  and above;
  • B (Above Average): 6 and above;
  • C (Average): 5 and above;
  • D (Pass): 4 and above;
  • F (Fail): 0   Ab (Absent): 0
  • Note: The External Assessment will be done by Industry Experts

Certificate Awarded

By successfully completing the course and examination you will receive an industry-recognized Certificate in “International Hospitality Course”

Extra Toppings Benefits Upon Successful Completion Of The Course

  • Certificates of International Hotel Chains and Cruise Liner Courses (Upon Passing Exam)

Career Opportunities

 Front Desk Executive/Manager
 Guest Relations Executive/Manager
 Food and Beverage Executive
 Restaurant Executive/Manager
 Banquet Executive/Manager
Catering Executive/Manager
Event Executive/Manager
 Sales Executive/Manager
 Marketing Executive/Manager
 Revenue Executive/Manager
 Operations Executive/Manager
 HR Executive/Manager
 Security Executive/Manager
 Deck Crew
 Shore Excursion Executive/Manager
 Inventory Executive/ Manager
 Visual Merchandiser
 Expedition Leaders
 Hosts and Hostesses
 Air/Sea Reservation Agents
 Production Managers and more ..